Almost any online business has some sort of dependency on one of more web services at the back-end to display useful information to their employees or customers. These systems can sometimes be quite tricky to connect. If those custom services weren’t designed and coded properly, they can have a disastrous  impact on your company and its customers.

At devi8 consulting, we’ve got over 20 years experience in designing and building custom integrations to many 3rd party services. We can help you through the minefield which is web service design and development.

All our services use the Microservice architecture, which means less downtime and better performance for your most important services. We also offer serverless integrations if needed. Have a look at our offerings below and enquire today to discuss how we can help your company navigate through all the pitfalls.

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Creation of repository
High Level Design
OpenAPI design
Sequence Diagrams of Endpoints
Sequence Diagrams of Endpoints
Development of API (Java and Spring Boot using Tomcat)
Database Integration
Unit and Integration Testing
Performance Tuning
Packaging of Microservice for Distribution
Deployment/Release of Microservice
Splunk integration
Kotlin Availability
Database Design
Kafka Integration
Node and AWS Serverless Availability
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